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Woolrych Coat of Arms - Azure a chevron argent between three swans wings elevated argent beaked and legged gules

Coat of Arms -   Azure, a chevron argent between three swans, wings elevated argent, beaked and legged gules

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It is intended that all members of the family throughout the world can place information on this site.
If you have any information that you would like either on the site or linked to it please contact me with the details.
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Woolrych is one of the oldest family names to come from the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is derived from Wulfric, a Germanic personal name that became common in England after the Norman Conquest. After King William the Conqueror defeated the Saxon nobility at the Battle of Hastings, he encouraged the immigration of skilled tradesmen and administrators from the continent into England. Many of these came from the area where Germany would later become a nation. This resulted in the importation of a large number of new personal names and surnames. The personal name Wulfric means "wolf-powerful." This name appears in the Domesday Book as Wlfric and Vlfric.

Through out the years Woolrych has been spelt in different ways including Wolriche, Wolryche and Woolryche

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