New Zealand

This is the first draft of the website so there will be hitches and changes, but here goes!!!!

New Zealand is very much an on-line country. Just about everything is connected to the internet.

Our initial trip to New Zealand was booked on line through Trailfinders. They are specialists in holidays down under and were very helpful, despite the number of changes we made in our plans!!

Internal flights were booked through New Zealand Airlines again online. However, be warned the prices you pay in the UK are more expensive than the ones booked in NZ. If you can find a way of getting someone (friend relative etc) to do the bookings in NZ you can make significant savings! Oh and one other thing, you can be forgiven for thinking that they are the state airline of Middle Earth. We came back on the same aircraft as one of the Oscars from the technical crew of LOTR! Gollum looks out over Wellington Ariport.

You also cannot escape from the influences of the Maori tribes, especially in North Island

The thermal village of Whakarewarewa near Rotoura is also an interesting experience. They love telling you how to pronounce the name as there is no letter "f" in Maori, they use "wh" to make the "f" sound. - You work it out!! The first "a" sounds like a "u".

Doubtful Sound - over night cruises
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Doublful Sound

You could be forgiven for thinking that the predominant make of vehicle in South Island is a Maui Campervan. We booked ours on line. I have been driving campers for 17 years ( I've owned 4). Their organisation is second to none. Godd vans well equiped and easy to drive - well for me anyway as I have a Class 1 HGV licence. Driving in New Zealand is just like the UK only there is a 100 KPH (60 MPH) speed limit.